Our Mission

The EveryHeart mission is to reduce cardiovascular disease in young Americans, through advanced diagnostic testing, comprehensive education, and ground-breaking research.

EveryHeart will save lives, raise heart health awareness, and provide insight into the ever-increasing problem of cardiovascular disease. The EveryHeart Foundation hopes ultimately to help the next generation end our nation’s cardiometabolic epidemic.

The sudden, unexpected death of a child is one of the worst tragedies a family – and a community – can experience. The value of a young person’s life is incalculable. Yet each year, numerous American high school athletes pass away from undiagnosed cardiovascular problems. Medical science has advanced to the point that unexpected cardiac deaths like these should be a thing of the past.

The EveryHeart Foundation was created in response to these concerns. Our non-profit charity is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events in high school athletes. Our aim is to ensure that young people are safely able to pursue their athletic dreams.