Blood Sugar Levels Steadied by Raisins?

You heard right.  According to a recent study out of Louisville Kentucky, if you struggle with high blood sugar levels, then raisins might be the answer you are looking for.

Dr. Harold Bays and his colleagues at the Louisville Metabolic Atherosclerosis Center (L-MARC) studied 46 men and women with a mean age of 61, none of whom had previously been diagnosed with diabetes.  All of the participants did however have slightly elevated blood glucose levels.  Half of the group were randomly assigned to snack on raisins while the other half was assigned to snack on pre-packaged commercial snacks not containing raisins or any other fruit.  The participants were asked to consume their assigned snacks three times per day for 12 weeks.

The results of the study concluded that when compared to the control group, those that were given raisins saw a 16% reduction in mean post-meal glucose levels.  The raisins also significantly reduced mean HbA1c, which is a marker for inflammation, by .12%.

What makes raisins such a special snack?  The sweet treat has a low glycemic index, is high in potassium and contains fiber, phenolic acid, polyphenois, tannins and antioxidants.  This mix makes for a perfect natural treatment for high glucose levels.  So if are concerned that your blood sugar levels might be running a little high, try snacking on some tasty raisins.  They may become your new best friend.