Aged Garlic – Bad for Your Breath, Great for Your Heart!

There has been a lot of research in the past that has lent credibility to the healthy affects of garlic on your cardiovascular system.  A new study out of Australia has further strengthened these theories by finding a link between aged garlic extract and the reduction of blood pressure in those with uncontrollable hypertension.

The study tested low (240 mg/day), medium (480 mg/day) and high (960 mg/day) doses of the extract in 79 patients with uncontrollable hypertension.  Those in the study were allowed to continue use of their typical hypertension medication.

After 12 weeks of testing, the researchers found that those taking the medium dosage seemed to benefit the most from the supplement, with an average systolic blood pressure reduction of 11.8 mmHg when compared to those taking a placebo.  To better put that number into perspective, a 10 mmHG reduction in systolic blood pressure is associated with a 16 – 40% reduced-risk of cardiovascular disease.

So if you suffer from or are at risk of hypertension, ask your doctor about aged garlic supplements and tell them about this study.  It won’t replace your hypertension medication, but it will certainly boost the results!