Heart Health Starts Earlier Than You Think

At what age would you say is a good time to start being more proactive about your heart health?  According to a recent study out of Geneva, Switzerland, the average person feels that 32.2 years of age is the point to start taking action.  Unfortunately, they would all be wrong.

While it is important to be heart healthy at that age, the fact of the matter is that by the time a person is 32, their heart will have beaten roughly 1.3 billion times – about half of its life expectancy. While it is true that risk of cardiovascular disease does increase as you age, people of all ages are at risk of cardiovascular disease, from age 1 – 100 and beyond.

It is extremely important to start being heart-conscious from an early age, and that really starts with the parents.  Setting a good example for healthy diet and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle are vital to keeping children on the path to a healthy heart well into their golden years.

It is based on this principle of starting early with heart health that Dr. Boone founded the EveryHeart Foundation in order to ensure that the hearts of our young athletes beating long and strong into the future.  To learn more, visit everyheart.org.