Every Heart Matters

The sudden, unexpected death of a child is one of the worst tragedies a family – and a community – can experience. The value of a young person’s life is incalculable. Yet each year, numerous American high school athletes pass away from undiagnosed cardiovascular problems. Medical science has advanced to the point that unexpected cardiac deaths like these should be a thing of the past. The EveryHeart Foundation was created in response to these concerns. Our non-profit charity is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events in high school athletes. Our aim is to ensure that young people are able to safely pursue their athletic dreams.




The EveryHeart mission is to reduce cardiovascular disease in young Americans, through advanced diagnostic testing, comprehensive education, and ground-breaking research.

Jeffrey L. Boone, MD, created the EveryHeart testing package as the culmination of his 30-year career in heart disease prevention. The EveryHeart Foundation is now bringing this world-class testing to our country’s high schools.

We believe every student athlete deserves to step on the field feeling safe and secure in his or her health. EveryHeart exists entirely through the donations and support of our community, making our care available free to all students.

The EveryHeart Foundation is proud to have provided 1126 tests to date to high school athletes! Thank you to our amazing donors and parents who are actively supporting heart health in our youth.


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