Heart Health Benefits of Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  It is decedent, delicious and oh so much fun to eat.  But did you know it can actually be good for your heart? 

Studies have found that certain chocolates can be rich in antioxidant flavonoids. A cup of pure cocoa has more antioxidants than three cups of green tea.  Positive affects of chocolate’s antioxidant flavonoids also include vasodilatation, blood pressure reduction, decreased inflammation and inhibition of platelet activity.  These all help to promote healthy blood flow and reduce the development of blockages.

While these studies are promising, it should be noted that chocolate is not a tasty miracle heart pill.  Only dark chocolates exhibit these heart-health properties, and one should only consume up to 100 calories worth of chocolate per day.  Still, chocolate lovers can now feel a little less guilt about indulging from time to time.