Body Mass Index May Not Tell The Whole Story

For decades doctors have relied on the Body Mass Index (BMI) to diagnose weight problems.  This simple formula basically takes into account a person’s height and weight to determine their BMI.  But recent studies have found that this equation may be far too simplistic, and is misdiagnosing countless people.


By BMI standards, a bodybuilder could be considered obese, while a slender woman with little muscle mass and high body fat would be described as healthy, even though she is at risk for a number of health problems.


In the study, doctors found that 39% of the subjects tested that were simply considered overweight by their BMI would actually be classified as obese when their body fat percentage was considered.


So next time you are having your physical, ask your doctor to perform additional tests besides calculating your BMI in order to receive a proper diagnosis.  A simple misdiagnosis can lead to major problems down the road…