An Apple a Day Keeps the Cardiologist Away

We’ve all heard the old saying before.  But a recent study out of Columbus, Ohio has found that eating at least one apple per day is better for your heart health than originally thought.  It has found that consuming apples regularly has a marked effect on reducing the amount of a substance linked to the hardening of arteries known as oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein, or LDL.  LDL is widely known as the “bad cholesterol” that is linked to heart disease, and when it becomes oxidized, it is more likely to promote inflammation and cause tissue damage.

The study followed healthy adults between the ages of 40 and 60 who didn’t have a history of eating apples regularly and didn’t take any supplements containing plant-based concentrates.  Of the subjects, 17 took capsules containing 194 milligrams of polyphenols (the amount found in an average apple) per day, 16 ate one of either a large Red or Golden Delicious apple per day, and 18 were given one placebo per day for four weeks.

The results surprised even the researchers.  While the supplements did show a noticeable decrease in oxidized LDL percentages in the blood stream, the consumption of simple apples still had a greater effect, reducing overall oxidized LDL by an average of 40%.  Results also pointed to a marked effect on certain enzymes in saliva, pointing to a possible benefit to dental health as well.

These sort of results are typically unheard of in medical science, especially when it comes to consuming natural foods like apples.  It is certainly a great advancement in the science of heart health, and lends even further credence to that good old saying.  So stock up on apples now, before the pharmacies get wind!