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One of the most divisive points in the debate over heart screenings for high school athletes – and indeed in all health care discussions – is cost. While everyone agrees that heart screening is beneficial, there is no system in place to pay for the testing. That’s where EveryHeart comes in.

We believe that every student athlete deserves to step on the field feeling safe and secure in his or her health. The opposing defense should be the only worry for a high school athlete. Therefore, EveryHeart screenings are funded entirely by donations, and are available to all students free of charge.

Our medical team – among the most experienced and efficient in the country – make sure that no one is excluded from this life-saving program because of their financial situation.

The EveryHeart Foundation relies on your donations to make all of this possible. Your donation could sponsor a single student athlete, a whole team, or even an entire school! Join us in our mission to protect high school athletes and promote better health!