Women: You are Just as Likely to Suffer from a Stroke as Men!

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Here are some facts about strokes you might not know:

1)    Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, right behind heart disease and cancer.

2)    More women than men suffer from strokes.

3)    Many women do not know the risk factors for strokes.

4)    Women are often not aware of the warning signs of strokes.

5)    Most women don’t know how to decrease their chances of having a stroke.

6)    Many doctors do not evaluate women for early critical signs and symptoms of heart problems that can lead to strokes, especially if they see that women are well-groomed and appear to be active and energetic.

You probably read number 6 and thought, “What? How can this be true?” It’s difficult to believe that some doctors may miss crucial signs that “well dressed” women may be at risk for strokes.  However, an article published by The Telegraph, has brought this worldwide problem to light.

The article outlines a research study conducted by the Heart Institute – Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France.

The most startling fact revealed by the lead researcher of the study was summarized in the following statement: “I think doctors – GPs and cardiologists – often do not realize the risk for women. Too often they will think if a female patient looks healthy, and dresses smartly, and looks after herself, she is probably okay.”

Is this a common theme among general practitioners and cardiologists around the globe? The answer is probably “yes.” However here at Boone Heart Institute, our preventative assessments analyze your risk of stroke, and if you are at a high risk, we can develop a treatment protocol that can reduce this risk significantly.

Our simple “Check Your Neck” approach is safe, effective and easy. We use a Carotid-IMT test with a SonoSite portable ultrasound machine. The machine’s reading device is placed up to your neck to check your artery lining thickness to the thousandth of a millimeter, which ensures the best accuracy in year-to-year repeat testing. The results of this simple test provide us with valuable insight into your current cardiovascular health, and your potential heart-attack risk rate.

Our “Check Your Neck” test is important for both men and women. However women, please be aware that you have the same risk as men do for strokes. In fact, after the age of 75, your risk for strokes is actually greater than that of men of the same age.

What can you do? Educate yourself and come see a medical staff member at Boone Heart for your Carotid-IMT test! Here are some heart healthy living tips as well that we suggest you follow. Following these heart healthy tips along with knowing your risk is the first step in helping to prevent heart attack and stroke!

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