Book Release Announcement, Dr. Jeffery Boone Is Published!

In early 2011, Jeffrey L. Boone, M.D., was invited to compose a chapter in an upcoming medical textbook entitled “The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT.”  We are happy to announce the publication of this textbook in 2012!  Simeon Abramson, M.D., our radiology partner at Porter Adventist Hospital, is the book’s primary author.  Dr. Boone’s chapter, entitled “Atherosclerosis Imaging in Primary Preventive Cardiology:  The Eradication of Heart Attack and Stroke,” was included as the book’s closing chapter.


Dr. Boone approached the subject from his unique vantage point as a leader in preventive cardiology.  His chapter includes new treatment strategies, innovate approaches to advanced imaging, and numerous success stories from his years in preventive cardiology practice.  Opportunities like this help to increase awareness of new techniques to combat heart disease and promote aggressive prevention as a solution to our nation’s most deadly disease.

Click the link to read the full chapter The Complete Guide To Cardiac CT – Boone Heart Institute